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Antique furniture is back on trend. 

 After years of waiting, antique dealers have their wish – brown is in once more, writes Elfreda Pownall      The Sunday Telegraph    10 Feb 2019 


For years, like prophets in the wilderness, antique dealers have been heralding the return of “brown furniture” – pieces made from such dark woods as mahogany, oak, cherry and walnut – the stuff that made their fortunes in the Eighties and Nineties. This was the era of the English Country House look, when furniture, from the finest Chippendale to container-loads of dull Edwardian dining chairs, was shipped to the US every week. 

It was a time when well-heeled British buyers were competing for the best of these pieces, while the rest of us, pre-Ikea, were putting up with stripped pine. At last the dealers have their wish; brown furniture is beginning to sell again, but this time prices are rock-bottom: The Antique Collectors Club index shows antique furniture has fallen in value 45 per cent since 2002. 

Price, and the fashion for interiors with strong dark colours and vivid patterns, which work well with dark wood, have driven the revival, as well as a revolt against the predictable cookie-cutter look of many any fast-furniture shops 



Financial Times

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